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What is the BBRT?

The BBRT is an independent, international research and shared learning network of member organizations with a common interest in transforming their management models to enable sustained, superior performance. It was established in 1998 in response to growing dissatisfaction, indeed frustration, with traditional budgeting.

It has successfully addressed three major questions:

BY studying major leading-edge companies that had ‘abandoned’ traditional budgeting the BBRT was able to answer these three major questions. As the Beyond Budgeting management model is not a standardized solution, every journey is different. It promotes a set of principles that lead to more dynamic processes and front-line accountability; they are its “compass”. Organizations that follow this approach transform their management model. Members draw on the experience of others, but what they do and how they do it is up to them.

The BBRT welcomes organizations from any sector and individuals from any function that want to learn and improve their management models or help others to do so. The BBRT also welcomes management consultants and IT companies who want to develop client-based solutions based on the principles. And we collaborate with academics and specialists.


The BBRT sees its mission as “transforming management models to enable sustained high performance in turbulent conditions”. It aims to do this by growing the BBRT community in a number of ways:-


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