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Leader's DilemmaWhat is the BBRT?

The BBRT is an international shared learning network of member organizations with a common interest in transforming their performance management models to enable sustained, superior performance. BBRT helps organizations learn from world-wide best practice studies and encourages them to share information, past successes and implementation experiences to move beyond command and control.

The BBRT promotes a set of principles that lead to more dynamic processes and front-line accountability. Organizations that follow this approach transform their management model in line with these principles, which are outlined in "The Leader's Dilemma: How to build an empowered and adaptive organization without losing control", by Jeremy Hope, Peter Bunce and Franz Röösli, published by Jossey-Bass.

The BBRT is at the heart of a movement that is searching for ways to build lean, adaptive and ethical enterprises that can sustain superior competitive performance. Its aim is to spread the idea through a vibrant community.

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Latest News

11 August 2014
Bjarte Bogsnes speaks at MIX Mashup 2014 in New York

The Management Innovation eXchange (MIX) is an open innovation project aimed at reinventing management for the 21st century. The MIX Mashup 2014, which takes place in New York on 18-20 November, is a gathering of the vanguard of management innovators with a dream: ORGANIZATIONS THAT ARE FIT FOR THE FUTURE—AND FIT FOR HUMAN BEINGS. If you think that this sounds very familiar, then it’s because we work closely together with this network – and we are fighting the exact same battle. Again this year, our chairman Bjarte Bogsnes is among the speakers. The other speakers represent the following inventive and successful organizations : TaylorMade-adidas Golf, the English National Health Service, Cemex,, Loomio and Atlassian. For more information, click HERE

8 August 2014
Academic cooperation and recognition

As part of our research efforts, and in order to increase the awareness about Beyond Budgeting, we reach out to and cooperate with universities, business schools, academics and other thought leaders.

A great example of such cooperation is with NHH Norwegian School of Economics, which has been an active member of BBRT for many years. We are extremely happy with this cooperation and the strong ties we have with many people at NHH. Most recently, Katarina Kaarb°e from NHH was awarded the David Solomons Prize by Management Accounting Research in recognition of the article: “From comfort to stretch zones: A field study of two multinational companies applying beyond budgeting ideas”; a paper she co-authored with Professor Anatoli Bourmistrov from University of Nordland.

NHH has conducted a very interesting study from the Norwegian banking sector which demonstrates a strong negative correlation between long-term financial results and the use of traditional budgets.

Another example of such cooperation is with Catˇlica Porto Business School in Portugal that is now introducing Beyond Budgeting in their executive education.

31 July 2014

Beyond Budgeting Conferences

In October, two very interesting Beyond Budgeting conferences co-organized by the Beyond Budgeting Institute are held in Kuala Lumpur (9 October) and London (22 October), respectively.
Both conferences are designed to give participants a great introduction to what Beyond Budgeting is all about.
In just one day, you will learn everything you need to sweep away outdated command and control methods and begin your journey towards a leaner, more adaptive, more resilient organisation. Both conferences are packed with real world case studies and thought-provoking, interactive sessions led by CEOs, business thinkers and pioneering practitioners of Beyond Budgeting.
For more information and to sign up please follow these links:
Kuala Lumpur:

3 July 2014

New Case Report

We have just finalized a case report about BBRT member Uno-X Automat which is part of the Reitan Group, the fifth largest company in Norway. The vision of the Reitan Group is to become Scandinavia┤s most value driven company. This is achieved by amplifying a culture that has the customer as the ultimate boss and a working environment where authority is delegated to employees who are their own decision makers. The case report is a great example of the unleashing of performance potential that can follow when an organization is given autonomy. The case story is available to BBRT Members on the BBRT Members’ Community web site.

New research paper on Lean and Agile Financial Planning

BBRT-member Maarit Laanti and Rami Sirkiń have recently prepared an interesting paper on Lean and Agile Financial Planning. This is based on their mutual experiences with financial controlling in software development projects at Nokia. We are grateful to Maarit and Rami for sharing their experiences and knowledge, and for making this research paper available to the Beyond Budgeting Institute and the members of BBRT. The paper is now available to BBRT members on the BBRT Members' Community website.


30 June 2014

Beyond budgeting – integrated planning and performance management

Independent consultant Adrian Ryan, with input from Bjarte Bogsnes, explains how businesses can use planning and process management to drive integrated reporting. To read the full article click HERE

10 June 2014

Dynamic Forecasting: A Planning Innovation for Fast-Changing Times - Bjarte Bogsnes, Statoil

Bjarte Bogsnes holds the unique distinction of being the onle person to have "blown up the budget" at more than one company: at his previous employer, Borealis and at his current on, Statoil, the Norwegian oil giant. Now he want to blow up the calendar too - calling it an arbitrary (and anachonistic) basis for forecasting. A dedicated champion of the Beyond Budgeting movement, Bjarte takes the concept of rolling forecasts one big step further, with dynamic forecasting.

The full article was published in the Balanced Scorecard report and canbe read by clicking HERE

Getting Performance Without Performance Management

A few months ago, past MIX M-Prize winner, Bjarte Bogsnes of Statoil and Chairman of the BBRT developed a hack for the MIX entitles "The End of Performance Management (As We Know It)". In this hack Bjarte suggested that the idea of managing performance was itself incompatible with the the 21st Century notion of reinventing management. His conclusion was that performance management itself need to be reinvented and renamed for a new age. During October 2012 almost 70 people took part in a discussiob about the future of performance management. The resulting report captures the results of their experience. The report can be read by clicking HERE

30 May 2014

CFO Magazine May 2014Beyond Budgeting made it to the cover of the May edition of CFO Magazine (again):

 This is very much thanks to a great effort by Steve Player, our partner in North America. To read the full article click HERE



Lean Kanban Conference in Bologna

On 30 May, Beyond Budgeting was represented at the Lean Kanban-conference in Bologna

Lean Kanban Conference in San Francisco

Early in May, Beyond Budgeting was well represented at the Lean Kanban North America conference in San Francisco. This event featured a full Beyond Budgeting track of speakers:

25 April 2014

Beyond Budgeting: a Proven Governance System Compatible with the Agile Culture

Many large and mid-sized organisations struggle with taking Agile beyond IT largely because Agile doesn't provide any guidance on governance structures. In a new article Michael Sahota, Bjarte Bogsnes, Jaana Nyfjord, Jorgen Hesselnerg and Almire Drugovic argue that the leadership and governance principles of Beyond Budgeting are an excellent complement to Agile's team orientation because they are aligned around values and mindset (culture). Beyond Budgeting provides the organisational guidance needed to create an environment where Agile can thrive.

To read the full article click HERE

21 March 2014

European BBRT-Members’ Meeting

During the two last days, BBRT Members gathered in Brussels for the bi-annual European BBRT Meetings. On Wednesday, we held the Implementers’ Meeting which this time focused on Business Forecasting. Yesterday’s BBRT Meeting featured very interesting presentations from New Zealand-based Mainfreight and the north European diary giant Arla. Bjarte Bogsnes presented his views on individual bonuses and last but not least: the members’ meeting included a review of a very interesting research from the Norwegian bank sector. The study shows a strong negative correlation between long-term financial results and the use of traditional budgets. Meeting presentations and the research study are available for download by BBRT Members from the private BBRT Members' Community website.

19 March 2014

Beyond Budgeting Conference in Brussels

On 19 March we held an open Beyond Budgeting conference in Brussels together with CFO Magazine. Anders Olesen from Beyond Budgeting Institute introduced the audience to Beyond Budgeting, our network and ideas. Hereafter, two longstanding BBRT-Members Statoil and A.P. Moller – Maersk presented how they have benefited from adopting the Beyond Budgeting principles in their management models. In connection with this conference, the February version of CFO Magazine featured an interview with Beyond Budgeting Institute which can be read HERE


Beyond Budgeting Related Events

Bjarte Bogsnes, Statoil and BBRT Chairman is speaking about Beyond Budgeting at several conference over the coming months. For details see the calendar on our Events page


BBRT Briefing Papers and White Papers

A range of BBRT briefing papers and White Papers are now publicly available from BBRT Online Knowledge. The White Papers and some of the Briefing Papers are free downloads and the remainder can be downloaded on payment of a small fee.


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