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Taster DiagnosticThe complementary "Taster" BBRT Diagnostic takes about 5 minutes to complete. At the end you will automatically receive a comprehensive 9-page report that analyses your results and indicates the strength of your case for change.

Register and log-in by clicking this button. Then select the option "BBRT leadership self-assessment (5-minute TASTER version)" from the menu - That's It!

You can read more about the aims and benefits of the BBRT diagnostic below.

Aims & Benefits

The main aims of the BBRT diagnostic and global survey are:

1. To help you directly - To become more adaptive and devolved.

The main aim of the diagnostic and global survey is to help you, as an individual and the organization you work for, to understand better where your current management model is deficient, and then evaluate an alternative model based on ‘Beyond Budgeting’ principles and the case for implementing it. If you decide to change your model you can also use the diagnostic to support your change process. There are many benefits of participating in the BBRT diagnostic and global survey.

2. New research - To measure how much advantage can actually be gained by becoming more adaptive and devolved.

A further aim of the diagnostic and global survey is research using the validated data from company responses. The main objective is to test objectively how much benefit organizations actually gain from progress towards a model based on the principles of ‘Beyond Budgeting’ in terms of superior competitive performance compared with those who have made less progress. The BBRT’s research into particular cases showed that those companies that had mature alternative models were performing significantly better than their competitors

The Case for Change - Diagnostic Content

How you plan, control and govern your business (what we call the “performance management model”) is crucial to your future success. The BBRT performance management diagnostic and global survey enables you to take a critical look at this model and make significant improvements to it. There are main five parts (shown with links): The diagnostic map shows how the various components of the questionnaire connect and combine to build the case for change. The sections marked with an asterisk only appear in the full diagnostic and survey.


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Try the BBRT online diagnostic to see how your current performance management system compares to your vision and the Beyond Budgeting Principles.

Receive a detailed report that will show if your organization has a strong or compelling case for change and if you are ready for change.

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