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Benchmarking Diagnostic

There are a number of ways that an organization can benefit from the BBRT web-based benchmarking diagnostic:

Taster Diagnostic5 minute "taster"

The complementary "Taster" BBRT Diagnostic takes about 5 minutes to complete. At the end you will automatically receive a comprehensive 9-page report that analyses your results and indicates the strength of your case for change.

Register and log-in by clicking this button. Then select the option "BBRT leadership self-assessment (5-minute TASTER version)" from the menu - That's It!


Individual report

On completing the full questionnaire, respondents receive this report by email. It benchmarks their organization's current model against the new model. They can edit the data and receive revised reports as often as they wish. A small fee to receive the report is needed to cover some of the development and administration cost. The more people that complete the report the more relevant and reliable will be the results. This report can act as a key element in compiling the case for change. 

Workshop report

In preparation for an in-house workshop participants are invited to complete a web-based diagnostic which helps to orientate them towards the issues to be addressed in the workshop. Immediately after participants complete and submit their questionnaire, the system generates reports that are sent to them to show how their responses benchmark against the 'Beyond Budgeting' model. These may be edited by the participant, and finally after every participant has completed the questionnaire the system can produce a workshop report that compares each participant's results with the range of results of the other participants.

While keeping confidential the identity of individual results, the report highlights areas where views are close together or divergent. The diagnostic may also be completed again after the workshop to see how opinions have changed.

Further information on the use of the benchmarking diagnostic in-house can be obtained by contacting Peter Bunce


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