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The BBRT is evolving. Although research continues, the emphasis is now on implementation. Though the major consultancies are now becoming interested, few have the knowledge and experience to present clients with the full picture. This includes agreeing a vision and road map that is specific to every user.

Our ten years of gathering knowledge and experience at the BBRT is invaluable in this regard. BBRT Team Leaders are able to help clients find the right pathway forward by facilitating in-house workshops and ensuring that the vision for the new model represents a viable and coherent alternative to the traditional model. You will find their advice open, honest and uncompromising. That does not mean that it is inflexible. Just the opposite. It means that we will make every effort to understand your business and enable you to find the right way forward while staying within the principles-based guidelines of the Beyond Budgeting model.

They can also help you to prepare and present the case for change to senior decision-makers. this means thinking through every part of the new model and how it will be introduced into the organization. It also means spreading the right messages inside the organization including holding 'awareness' workshops where appropriate.

In-house services include:


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To discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact your nearest BBRT Team Leader:


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