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Strategic Support

Implementing the principles of Beyond Budgeting is not a simple task. It requires a steely determination and the buy-in from senior executives including the CEO and CFO. This, in turn, depends on a well constructed case and a clear vision of what the new management model and its supporting culture will look like once the new model becomes the accepted 'norm'.

How can the BBRT Team Leaders help?

First, it should be stated clearly that the BBRT Team Leaders are not 'hands-on' change management consultants. This support can be provided through a range of consulting partners. Where they can help is in the 'front-end' work of preparing the case for change (supported by a cross-company opinion survey) and in the design of a vision statement and implementation road map. They can also help in reviewing and overseeing the work of the Beyond Budgeting implementation teams in an organization. In all these areas there is no generic program to follow. Each organization is different. History, culture, competencies, and tools and information systems ensure that every organization must evaluate where it is now and then prepare its own road map that defines the scope and speed of the changes agreed. 

Further information

For further information and to discuss individual requirements, pelase contact one of the BBRT Team Leaders


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